London Denim – Made in Italy – Italian Denim

First Hangers of Italian Selvage Denim
First Hangers of Italian Selvage Denim

I’ve been chasing up Italian Selvage Denim mills ever since my visit to Italy last month.  Denim hangers (Samples of cloth) have started popping through the door.  Currently there are only 3 mills in Italy that I can find who are producing the Selvage denim I need to make London Denim jeans and now I’m in touch with them all I’m nearly ready to start sampling London Denim – Made In Italy over there. I’m going to use Italian Selvage Denim rather than Japanese which seems to have a much softer handle in its Raw state than Japanese.  The Italians have a long history of making denim but sadly under competition from China and Turkey mills have been closing.  I worked with Legler Mills over there about 7 years ago with a couple of great qualities but sadly they went bust.

I’ve made subtle differences in the specification for the Italian models which is going to help differentiate between makers.  With Peter my partner in Japan briefing the Japanese factories this week its now only a short time till London Denim mens becomes a firm reality.


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