LVMH – Resort 14 Masterclass

LVMH Mastercalss

LVMH Mastercalss

With echos of a European interior colour spectrum (The clothes and set) and that all important 1970’s feeling the talented team at LVMH presented me with a girl who would make me shut up, stand up and follow her anywhere (In a lap dog type way not a sad stalker type way).    The collection sent this girl through her working week in that little screen print gallery in Montmartre then following the Canal du Midi to Sete and the sea.  Clogs for night out on the cobbled streets of Carcassonne,  Bretton Stripes for the boat at Sete which sales to Nice and that bit of a smock for the cute little fusion sushi bar in the back streets.

Talented – YES – has her complete journey here

LVMH Resort 14 - Dream Denim

LVMH Resort 14 – Dream Denim







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