I’d rather go Naked than wear Naked


I’m ready to have mates for dinner and all the hard works done,  Potatoes in the oven and Avoca chicken and broccoli bake (Serious YUM YUM) is ready to rock.  Thought I’d use the the 20 mins before they pop through the door to check out the Barneys NY website and see which Mens jeans labels they are stocking.  Was presented with this styling disaster!

The jeans would probably be OK on the right size model but seriously  look at the pull on the button and fly, the pull round the fanny on the backside.  If these were designed to be this tight I’m a chicken pie!  That just causes me to look at the whole styling: NBA’s Well they’re my favourite Adidas trainers but they could have done much better on the whole look:  Head over to Mr Porter and see how this should be done.

Check out the Naked and Famous jeans at Barneys here
hen check out Mr Porters Jeans here

Even better check out Avoca here,  their chicken and brocoli bake is to die for.  The photo below shows it just itching to get in the oven:

Avoca Chicken and Broc Bake
Avoca Chicken and Broc Bake

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