Idea Art Taking Over

Mychael at the Affordable Art Fair
The only good find – Mychael with a Y at the Affordable Art Fair

A few years ago the Affordable Art Fair, The British Art Fair etc etc were full of great art finds,  now they are full of display ideas not art.  I have a few questions:

Q: How many cut out butterfly 3d displays does London need?   We saw about 20 here.  Given this is only 1 fair with 80 galleries showing a rough calculation based on London having 300 galleries is that there are  75 of these cut out butterfly works of art for sale in London at this time.

Q: How many times is does a stags head need to be pencil drawn onto a mans body?

Q: How many artists has Bridget Reilly inspired?

And, the one that really amused Wife was the display of little lego figures in a 3d frame for £4,000 – we could do better with Boy’s collection for a fraction of the price – any takers?  When it comes to ‘Idea Art” it should be about being original.  Having a deep knowledge about whats going on in the art scene and producing work thats not simply replicating someone else’s idea.  This intellectually vacant idea art is great for the galleries becuase it means they can follow trends:  the cut out butterfly trend, the animal head on human body trend, the Bridget Reilly textile trend.  Its great for the consumer who wants their walls to be covered in the exactly the same type of art as their neighbours and its great for interior designers who really provide the missing link here because these ideas are not Art they are decoration.  Their reason for existence is to say more about the purchaser than the person creating it.  The buyer doesn’t care who its by, what their influence was, how they came to that point of view they only care about the colour and that its presented in a box frame.


With Boy off on a sleepover Wife and I popped down to the Hampstead affordable art fair.  We delivered a couple of pictures we’d sold to a gallery who had taken a stand there, and then toured the fair critiquing loudly and pointing rudely at the mostly lame idea art which made up a good 50% of the offering and swooning at a few pieces we don’t currently have the cash to afford.  Bumped into Mychael with a Y Barrett a very Talented artist who was running a children’s print making workshop.  Funny thing is that I keep seeing his work on friend’s walls.   Mychael with a Y has a solid style, cheeky ideas and an instantly recognisable hand.

Check out his work here


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