I am a Musical Genius

Boy the Musical Genius
Boy the Musical Genius

This morning we all crowded into the little assembly hall at the top of the school.   Our kids were already there sitting patiently as we waited  for the teachers to nudge them into action, serenading us with the  musical instalments us parents had inflicted on them:  The Violin or Cello.  Boy showed no signs of nerves at all, he sat their chatting with his mates and waving at us.  I by contrast had a rumbling tummy and a faint feeling of nausea   Turning to mum next door I asked if she was nervous for Boys mate.  “Nope not this one,  he’s too relaxed. If it was my other boy I would be”.  I looked at Boy,  he was very relaxed.  My tummy was still going then like a flash I worked it out.  I’m nervous becuase I have no control over the situation.  Boy is not nervous because he has the control.  For the last year I’ve been there pushing practice on him, urging, encouraging, stroking and threatening.  Thats been my part.  Boys part has been the doing and the learning.  Unlike art homework this is one area I can’t help him with.  He’s on his own.

Boy played fantastically, my heart burst with pride and I wanted to run and hug him.  I turned to Wife who seeing the look on my face made the only comment appropriate to a man with an ego my size:  “You’ve done a good job!”  She winked and clapped harder for Boy.   I grinned from ear to ear.

Lessons I learned today:

Wife really does know the size of my ego.
Sometimes you can mistake ego for pride.
Boy is a musical genius. – (ergo; I am too)


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