Pink Plastic and Custard Creams

Pink Plastic and Custard Creams
Pink Plastic and Custard Creams

Childhood seems an age away yet sometimes the old folks bring it flooding back to me.  Took Boy to see his Great Nana who loves Boy so much that Boys special bowl comes out when he visits.  Its filled with custard creams and other goodies.  Before the bowl was Boys it was Wife’s and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this was a  three generation pink plastic bowl which was Nanas before that.

Our bowls in my childhood home were from a potter who lived in Hadleigh on the outskirts of town.  His name was Pete the Potter.  His bowls were fantastic, brown and rustic.  I can remember them all lined up on the kitchen wall.   I also remember breaking at least two of them myself which is perhaps why this Pink Plastic bowl has been passed down the generations and my families Pete the Potter Bowls have just passed on to the bin.

In our home we have a whole mix of plastic, bamboo, Wedgewood and Denby.  I wonder which of these our grandkids will be eating their treats out of.


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