WOW! – Mens Fashion – SS14

James Long Cyclist
James Long Cyclist

I’ve now skimmed 25 of the mens shows and I’ve seen a lot of WOW! but can honestly say that I’m really no closer to understanding how the majority of these designers make a living.  When I look at womenswear on the high street I can make a direct correlation between the looks I’ve seen in seen in shows months earlier but not so for the mens.  I go into the mid market chains and their offering is wholly uninfluenced by what’s shown on the catwalk.  Could it be that mens catwalk still has so little influence on  retail high street menswear designers?

I look at many of the outfits that as a designer I appreciate but as a man I can’t and don’t even want to try and find a connection.  There is too much wrapped up in my male psyche  to even contemplate dealing with these looks.  To start with there is a mans desire not to stand out from the crowd – this is our pack / survival instinct at play.  There are peacocks out there, men who put their heads over the parapit but they are few and far between.  I’ll go not further with the unravelling of my Psyche here,  Wife knows too much already.

When chatting this through with a Genius Fashion Mate  we both agreed that your average man at all levels of the market is just looking for something thats cool rather than something thats WOW and that for commercial reasons the definition of cool should remain our closest guarded secret.:-)


2 thoughts on “WOW! – Mens Fashion – SS14

  1. There’s so much we can do, but so much we can’t do in menswear. Its about striking a fine balance, and knowing who your customers are and what they’re looking out for.

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