Lagerfeld’s Game – Half Empty

Don't waste your time here.
Don’t waste your time here.

With all the connections the Talented Mr Lagerfeld has you’d have thought the sunglasses team at Lagerfeld HQ (Or wherever the licence is held) would have had a glass overflowing with talent for his first foray into online video games.  I’m sure it could have been done so much better.  (I’m also sure Bungie, Square Enix  or the wonderful creators of Limbo the small Danish house Playdead would have loved to have been involved in a little project like this).  I know its only a small game but for a designer who is known to be very choosy about his partnerships this seems a tiny bit ill conceived.

The introduction is cool with a cartoon Lagerfeld Ninja bouncing about the real world however after that the game starts and the talent fades away to reveal clunky gameplay and graphic execution distinctly lacking a Lagerfeld touch. The  the stop /start nature of the gameplay used to introduce product between rounds not supporting the gaming experience or presenting the product in a particularly appealing light.

As a old to Nu school gamer (From 3d Monster Maze on the ZX81, to Defender in the Arcade to Halo) this felt like a retro game in all the wrong ways.

Its ill concieved tactical marketing executions like this that leave me cold.  The glass is half empty on this one….


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