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The British Library - Enough Space for All the Cousins School Work?
The British Library – Enough Space for All the Cousins School Work?

Cousin No 1 saw my last post and commented that she couldn’t believe I threw away Boys projects.  Cousin No 1 also said she still has all of her old schoolbooks…..WOW!

I said to Cousin No 1…

“You have three kids. Given that they do four core subjects and fill two books a term that is 54 books a year. Plus your old ones – so 82. Times that by the 14 years they are in school and you have 1148 books. The standard book is 5mm thick so you have 5.75 meters of shelf space worth of books by the time your brood leaves home. Do you keep their artwork also? Their Projects? In a few years time I’m really looking forward to visiting you in the museum you’d have built to house this momentus collection.” 

That got me thinking.  I have more than one Cousin.  I have three,  Cousin 1, Cousin Due and Cousin 3

I’ve just worked out that if all my cousins did the same – With 7 kids between them and factoring in Art Projects they would need approximately 388 miles of shelf space.  In a bizarre co-incidence this is the exactly the amount of shelf space they have in the British library!!

My 3 Cousins – Do not fear,  I will pop down there tomorrow and see if they are willing to sell!

Check out the Library here,  they add 6km of shelf space a year so could accommodate another couple – Any takers?


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