Homework Wars – The Return of the Music Mace

Boys Music Mace
Boys Music Mace

Its getting near the end of the summer term and the Teachers at Boys school are starting to send home old school books, pictures and project pieces.  Yesterday Boy emerged into the playground with MUSIC MACE.  This was a piece I…sorry HE created about a month ago for a art / music homework project.  (I wrote a bit about it here).  The strings on the right of the golden mace are violin and on the left guitar….Clever..eh?   I’ve placed it next to his violin to give you an idea of the scale and magnificence of this piece.

This amazing instrument will make its final journey to the bin after I’ve finished writing here.

Wife knowing I like to clear the decks for the next project man has hidden a load of pictures and schoolbooks which left in view would have also been disposed of without a second thought.   (My feMates have berated me on this issue a couple of times – you should see their homes overflowing of some the most talented artwork you have ever seen in the whole of your life……….)  These future artifacts will doubtless make their way to Nanas then to the space under her spare bed where they will live for the next 20 years untill she shows them to Boy when he is 27.   Boy being my son will take a quick look then, wonder out loud why anyone would bother keeping them before telling Nana she could chuck them if she liked.  Like the bones of Richard III, the carpark King they will then make their way to their rightful resting place.  The bin….  OR York in the case of Richard.

I’m a man ahead of my time.

Have a look at Richard III here – Much more interesting that hoarding old schoolbooks!



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