End of Term Sleepover – The End of an Era?

Boys End of Term Sleepover
Shadows in the Poolroom

Boy is coming to the end of his time in the Pre-Prep which means in September he will be moving onto Junior school.  His school used to run a sleepover at the end of term for the leavers but alas last year was the final one.  That was until Super Fantastic Mummy stepped in and said “You can have it at my place”.  7 Days ago Super Fantastic Mummy’s place has only just been completed after a 2 year build.  It is a pristine home in the middle of North London with a great indoor pool and cinema room you could host opening nights in.  Needless to say we bit her hand off.  That was about a month ago.  3 days ago Super Fantastic Daddy found out that he would have 33 – seven year olds) rampaging through his sparkly, spotless new home!  Got to hand it to Super Mummy Fait Accompli!

Yesterday afternoon we all rocked up at the Fantastic’s place and the kids naturally had a fantastic time.  Swimming followed by Pizza, Pizza followed by Movie, Movie  followed by fresh air and running around which was followed by Quiz where Supper Fantastically Less-Nervous that the kiddies would trash the house DADDY took charge coaxed answers out the little ones which showed they had been paying attention in school!  Bedtime followed:  The boys on the floor of the cinema room and the girls two floors above split between two bedrooms went off without a hitch.

The six parent sleeper-overs retired to the Super Fantastic’s lounge where we drank a glass of wine, watched MTV, recounted the day and watched at Super Fantastic Daddy demonstrating the H.A.L like computer system that controls the house.

Talk turned to the kids leaving and what a brilliant time they had all had together,  what good friends they had become and how they would get  on with the new kids coming into the school.  Honestly though I really don’t think hardly any of us were really thinking about the kids.  I think we were using them as an allegory to voice our fears about our relationships.  We’ve all been together for 4 years too.  We know it shouldn’t follow that since our kids are going to different classes we will instantly become best mates and ride off into the schoolyard with the new parents but what if?  What if they are funnier, more attractive are more welcoming than the Super Fantastics!  Not just Daddy and Mummy but ALL of them – all of my Super Fantastic parent friends.

Honestly the thought of my feMates dropping me for some other Alpha Dad who walks through the school gate turns my tummy.  What if his cookies are better than mine!  What if his saucy wink is more cheeky,  WHAT IF HE’S THINNER, Better Dressed or even heaven forbid tanned!!!  They will drop me like an iPhone 2.   The thoughts just come to me that I’ve not baked cookies for over year…  I missed the last coffee morning and I know the cup of Tea I made for feMate this morning was only luke warm…….

I have two weeks to up my game……..

Hells Bells..

Kids Highlights of the Sleepover?

Sneaking in Chocolate Brownies to the Bedroom only too have them confiscated
Fake snoring.  Fake Snoring and More Fake Snoring
Pretending to be asleep
Finding the child monitor behind the pillow on the shelf
Gold team winning the quiz
The school lifeguards turning up and running games in the pool
The film:  Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3.

Parents Highlights

Games of Ping Pong in the Gym
Sofas with electric head and footrests
A really light Rose wine
A fantastic collection of signed football shirts
The disco shower!
Sleeping Bags, Roll Mats, Jet Lag!


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