Louis Vuitton Killer Jackets, Chavs and the Ivy League – SS14



Kim Jones you Talented Boy.  Totally in lust for this Killer Jacket, team it with my skinnies, the Dior high tops I broke the bank to buy a few seasons back and presto,  I’m a fresh 80’s revision for 2014.  Swap the high tops for your silver Oxfords and I’m ready to dance till dawn.   Pity it didn’t end there.  Dog pound neckerchiefs and and some silly logo jackets…..Feeling like I’m in the Ivy League and the Minor League at the same time… Something Americana happening here?  Well we know shoppers with cash to burn can be Chavs too.  That trend didn’t start in the playgrounds to Chatham,  it started on the polo grounds of Surrey and those guys will go ape for some of these pieces   Especially the FrReEsSH Chavtastic Tux which for me would be a school run classic!

Collection summary:  Rocky Horror Brad meets Upper Class British Chav at a Meadow Lane Hamptons Ding Dong they do a bunk and run away to Vegas.  After not hearing from the now legendary couple for a few months an invite to their civil comes through the post.  Mr Jones is there and gifts the whole wedding party with those Killer jackets…….Visit Style.com to see the full collection – Looking forward to reading the review….and my fantasy coming true,  its the only way I’m getting one of those jackets!

Kims Chavtastic Tux
Kims Chavtastic Tux

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