Religious Education – My Boy for Donatella

My Boys First Frock Design
My Boys First Frock Design

Parents evening last night and snapped this pic from Boys Religious Education book.  WOW he reproduced a powder blue, black belted cocktail dress with cuff detail from Versace late 80’s.   I’m loving the little extras,  the black leather leg strapping and flat black ballerinas.  The pink ermine wrap and star of india diamond necklace.  Topped with a light green gauze fascinator   He even spray tanned his bottle blond model to get  the full effect!  This girl is a princess.  What a Talented Boy!!

Then the teacher has the nerve to judge:  “Is this the type of clothing that Mary Jones would wear in 1784”  YES I SAY – Give Versace a time machine and this is EXACTLY what she would have been wearing!

Learn about Mary Jones Here she walked 25 miles to buy a Bible in 1784
Or Enter Atelier Versace Here and see what Boy was on about…

Of course had she worn Versace I’m sure the men of her village would have been lining up to give her a lift.


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