I go to sleep loving Chanel

I don't need reminding why I love Chanel
I don’t need reminding why I love Chanel – Do You?

I go to sleep loving Chanel.  I wake up loving Chanel.  I have this relationship with 20 or so brands / designers.  (Its almost the same relationship I have with Wife and Boy excepting I would do anything for them:-)).  My love for Chanel is born from a love of Talent and genius.  That a whole team of people can consistently get it so right, so many times is inspiring.

Something sparked in me today with a couple of the mens shows I’ve scanned.  Its the inconsistency of brand presentation and lack of depth in the collections.  Its as if the word research has been pushed out of the back door in favour of slapping labels on product.   I remembered a couple of old Chanel ads and went for a revisit.  The Vanessa Paradis birdcage and Keira Knightly spurned photographer.  I’d never watched the full Keira spot – fantastic – So on brand, so on message, so Chanel…

Vanessa is Here
Keira is Here
hanel Facebook Page is Here



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