The Waltons meets Louis Vuitton

I love the Waltons - LVMH
I love the Waltons – LVMH

Saturday and Sunday morning TV in the house for the last couple of weeks has seen Boy and myself on the sofa with episodes of the Waltons.  Its quite simply some of the best television in the world to watch with a kid.  It deals with questions of conscience and growing up like no other television today.

I remember Sunday afternoons of my childhood at Nanna and Grandads; Sunday roast dinner with the best yorkshire pudding then laying stuffed on the sofa with John-Boy Walton telling us about some scrape or test of character.  Today some iconic Louis Vuitton luggage arrived on Walton mountain in the hands of a Jewish family fleeing Hitlers 1930’s Germany and Kristallnacht.

Their luggage gets everywhere which isn’t surprising as they’ve been around nearly as long as Levi’s (There is about 1 year between them,  Levi made his first jeans in 1853 and Louis opened his first store in Paris in 1854!)  You’ll always spot LV trunks in films showing a 1920’s atlantic cruise ship crossing;  But this is the first time I’ve clocked them in a 1930’s depression soap opera.  A great storyline and kind of spooky to feel a connection with the story through the luggage.

Film maker Christian Borstlap did a great little Art film for a Marc Jacobs LV Exhibition in Paris about a year ago showing the changes and journeys LV luggage has taken over the years.  It was presented on Nowness  here.

Read up on Kristallnacht here

There are lots of Waltons fan sites out there but this one with the audio add for a Walton’s appreciation cruise to the Caribbean running in the back ground Here gets my vote.


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