Lanvin SS14 – Back to Luxury – Rescue from Fashion

Lanvin SS14
Lanvin SS14 – Look No 5

Mr Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver – What a fantastic objective for a collection.  Back to Luxury – Rescue from Fashion.  

A solid presentation however LOOK 5 was has a handwriting and silhouette designed with a good looking gent like me in mind.  WANT that shirt, WANT those baggies, WANT to be slim enough to wear the baggies!..Its the irony of baggies that if you carry even a little big on the tummy they will make you look like some un kempt hobbit.

This is a guy who’s sure of himself and wants to show off – but just a little.  He treads that delicate balance between the extravert and the mysterious man in the background.  This man is a gentleman.  He opens doors for men and women alike.  He is the first to offer praise and the last to criticise.   He takes time in choosing his clothes so he can wear them with confidence and relaxed ease.   This man lets his clothes aid in the definition of his character.  They let people who don’t know him understand all of the above before they have met.

Very Talented Look No 5.

The full collection on


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