Goldilocks 3rd Bed – Just Right!

My New Bed - Design 4
My New Bed – Design 3 – The Thin Front Legs are for Show so no smart comments please.  Feedback Appricaited

Our friends have now stopped raving about how great I am at Kitchen design so I thought it time to apply my hand to bedroom design.  The back story here is last year I designed a new kitchen which Mr Woodcutter, my whiskey swigging, mad as a fish carpenter made up for me.

Naturally I am making all the furniture from scratch.  (After my success in making Boys cabin bed  why would I do anyting different!).  On Saturday Boy was far far away with old Mate for a playdate. With Boy out of the way Wife pointed finger at desk with the command not to leave till the new bedrooms were designed.  Four hours, 1 bed, 1 green glass wardrobe,  a 6 ft long floating vanity shelf and a whole host of little features later I was finished and ready to present to Wife.

Wife’s got a Goldilocks complex and who knows what she wants when she tastes its.  (Or sees it in the case of furniture design).  Thats a big problem for a bespoke angry Daddy Bear designer who’s just spent 4 hours nose to the grindstone.

I presented the initial design:

Too busy – was Goldilocks feedback
I went back to the drawing board then design No. 2:
Too Big – was Goldilocks  feedback
I went back to the drawing board then design No 3:

Goldilocks;  “Just right.”

patted daddy bear on the head and smartly pushed me off into the Kitchen to make ready for for guests arriving that evening.  A Daddy Bears work is never, NEVER done Goldilocks shouted as she whipped her hair back and forth.  However – I’d pulled a fast one.  Fed up with doing all the work Daddy Bear called on Handsome Prince earlier in the day and asked if he would mind a takeaway.  Cinderella his Wife  objected and said if Daddy Bear would not cook then Handsome Prince would have to provide the feast.

Hooray.   The Handsome Prince is a great cook.  They arrive, Goldilocks was surprised when the Prince started to cook but as she loves his cooking too they all lived happily ever after!

The End.

Well it should have been the end…..  Daddy Bear had chosen a late night movie for them all to enjoy and at 11pm they settled down to watch Justin Timberlake’s IN TIME.  Well Goldilocks, Cinderella and the Handsome Prince hated it so much they skinned Daddy Bear.  His pelt now features in their downstairs bedroom…..  Poor Daddy Bear…

Find out more about the great movie IN TIME here – Ive watched it twice and love it – Shows what fairytale characters know!



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