The Pirate Clown Boy

The Pirate Clown Boy
The Pirate Clown Boy

It seems that EVERY night I’m making something  sewing something or pulling something together for Boys school.  The list of tasks is never ending.  In the last month I’ve helped organise the parents nights out, put together the yearbook, worked on the whole year sleepover all along side the 3 dinner parties I’ve cooked and hosted, a redesign of a mens jean, a new design for a womens jean, a design for the carpenter making my  new bed, wardrobe and speccing out the building work for the flat in August.  Not to mention the 4000 word short story I finished and entered into Prada short story competition and nearly completing the business plan for London Denim.

Last night I looked at the calendar for the following day and the words Clown costume leaped out at me.   We sprang into action, white shirts were painted, socks were dotted a wig was found and a Pirate Clown was born.  Exhausted but happy in the knowledge I had nothing more to deliver till the end of term.  I popped Boy into school this morning.  How naive I was…….

A few days ago a couple of  feMates were chatting about what to do for the teachers.  I made a suggestion of signed T-Shirts which has been taken up.  Well feMate-Short and Curly ambushed me in the playground this morning with a bag.  She asked me if I could customise the T-Shirts to make them special before the kids signed them – I said NO.

She used pleading look No. 1 – I SAID NO
She used pleading look No. 2 – Accompanied by begging – I SAID NO
She used pleading look No. 1+2 combined – Accompanied by begging and praise – I TOOK THE BAG

Hells Bells – I’m a man who can’t say NO.  NO NO NO NO No No no no……..ok……yes………………

She had me by the Short and Curlies….




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