MMM – Loved the show but Couture?

Maison Martin Margiela - Couture
Maison Martin Margiela – Couture?

The Lee Bowery mask, flower trimmed gowns, plastic coatings all marvellous but Couture?   Just love that the girls are all carrying invitations,  perhaps to somewhere they would rather be?  An old adage surfaces in my mind:  Reduce your model bill,  pick the new girls and put masks on them…..

The thing about masks is they hold your gaze,  you get captivated by them, your mind asks questions – How do you breath, can you see, what is the person like beneath, what are they looking at.  The freedom they give to the wearer is denied to the viewer so all of our attention is drawn to them.  Was that the idea here?  To draw attention away from the collection?  Like many couture pieces they won’t work on the screen,  you’ve got to get your hands on them to understand them.   That again is the issue with contemporary couture, its like contemporary art, half the time you need the show notes to understand what was in the designers / design teams mind.

Couture is developing,  its gaining a wider audience and perhaps this is an interesting direction to explore.  Explore the MMM collection on here then pop over to the Dior show here to reassure yourself that all is right with the world after all!

PS.  Love that 10 pairs of jeans got into this show. (Rather assuming that the plastic coating is on denim?)  Perhaps MMM’s owner Diesel gave them a bulk discount?


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