Slinky Turns 20.66

Dancing Shoes, Disco Man and Slinky
Dancing Shoes, Disco Man and Slinky

Just over 100 of us crowded together in the private room at Gilgamesh on Friday to celebrate Slinky turning 40.  Hard to believe she’s reached two score!!   With the attitude of a 16 year old, the body of a 25 year old and the sparkle in the eye of a cheeky 21 year old  I’d have averaged her out at 20.66.   Now that gives me an idea.  How do I apply that to my friends and family;

I’ve graded the following on Attitude, Body and Sparkle….see how we all compare to Slinky with our SIMONS ACUTAL AGE – SAA.

Wife:  A=28, B=29, S=21 – SAA = 26
Boy:  A=7, B=9, S=7 = SAA = 7.66
Mate:  A=35, B=45, S30 = SAA 26.66 (Note when drinking age changes to:  A=18, B=45, S=20 – SAA = 27.66)
Mum:  A=60, B=70, S=39 – SAA = 45.66
Short and Curly:  A=14, B=29, S=25 – SAA = 22.66
Doris:  A=29, B=29, S=29 – SAA= 29
Gingerbob:  A=30, B=30, S=29 – SAA = 29

So With the exception of Boy it turns out that at 20.66 Slinky is the youngest girl I know.

A not so amazing result when you know the girl.  HAPPY 20.66 Slinky.

We partied at Gilgamesh – Arrange your party Here


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