Yearbook – Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Yearbook Done!
Yearbook Done!

It was the last day of term.  Lady M who took charge of ordering of the yearbooks called up to tell me they had arrived.  (Picture of the cover here) So with a skip in my step I left the house on Friday morning.  Headed to Lady M’s.  Picked up the books and together we rushed  to the playground to distribute them.

It was a bun fight:  The kids loved the books.  The parents loved the books, the teachers loved the books.  Books were signed, messages were written and amongst all the fuss I had a surreal moment of calm.  Looking over at the kids, pens in hand running to each other, laughing chatting and signing I realised there was something missing.  Where was my yearbook?  Where were the signatures from my parent friends and the feMates.  The Kids journey through pre-prep was cool but my journey with the friends I’ve made, the parties, nights out, coffee mornings, dinner parties, poker nights has been awesome.

I should have a yearbook of memories covering the last four years of my life in the playground and beyond.

Think someone is missing a trick here…..


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