Zara Inspires my Pissed Off Procedure No 1.

Zara T - I'm 16 Again
Zara T – I’m 16 Again

This morning has been great, fun packed and productive yet the smiling assistants at Zara have put me in a foul mood. All of a sudden my chest feels tight and I want to scream!

My Day:

7:50 – Boy and me give Wife a lift to the tube
8:15 – Boy and me arrive at tennis and for the next hour we knock around tennis balls enjoying the start of the day
9:05 – I fill the car up (Diesel – I get it right again!)
9::10 – Zip into Toys R Us – Boy invests £10 of his savings into a Ninja sword!
9:45 – Arrive Brent Cross – Have breakfast in a coffee bar waiting for the shops to open)
10:05 – Take boys pants back to John Lewis. Wife ordered them online and they are the wrong size. They refund them without a receipt and I buy a set the right size
10:30 – Get into Zara – The lovely lady refunds Wife’s shirt she ordered online as I had the receipt. She refuses to refund the T-Shirt sent in a different order for me as I don’t have the receipt.
10:50 – Hair dressers – Boy has his holiday cut – Refuses to have tramlines like daddy.
11:20 – Home and Breakfast Tea
11:30 – Nanna arrives. Boy and Nanna crash in front of a film before heading off to park!
12:30 – I’m working but can’t get ZARA out of my mind…….Decide to vent.

What Zara Got Wrong
The nice girl at Zara smiled at me as I gave her the t-shirt. It was complete with tags and unworn – as good as new. I’d not brought the receipt with me but hey, this is Zara, part of the largest fashion group in the world, leaders in multi-channel retail and retail thinking. I was deluded. This international megalith wanted me to hike all the way home – 30 mins, dig up the receipt on my pc, print it – 10 mins – drive all the way back to them 30 mins, sort out a refund in the store 10 mins – drive all the way back home – 30 mins. They wanted me to waste nearly 2 hours of my day for a £7.99 refund – whats more they wanted me to be happy and not grumpy about it. They wanted me to leave their store with a smile on my face just as I had with John Lewis a few moments earlier.

I understand you need proceedures and understand that this is Zaras procedure but procedures are supposed to protect them. This one damages them in a very sorry way. If a customer is wanting to return perfect tagged, current season, basic unused product then it should not matter that there is no receipt They should just have a SHIT HAPPENS button which allows them to take back the product and issue a refund or a credit note. As they don’t have that button they have to resort to the smiles and asking me to spend 2 hours of my time in sorting this out. Procedures, Procedures, Procedures. How many times do I hear that word in a week. Weak willed companies hide behind this word. Well I’m going to make up my own procedures starting now.

Simons Pissed off Procedure No 1.

How much has the business pissed you off:

1. A little – I will think about this a bit then forget it – I will stop buying your product for 1 month
2. A Medium – I will think about this for the next hour and mention it to a friend if that company’s name comes up in conversation. I will stop buying your product for 3 months.
3. A Lot – I will think about this a lot. I will mention it to my friends as a conversation opener. I will write a semi serious blog post about it – I will stop buying your product for 1 year.
4. A hell of a lot – I will start a national campaign. Write Press releases, Picket your business and dedicate the rest of my life to ruining your business – If you see me in your store ever again it will be in a different life.

Well Zara – I guess I will see you in a year.

PS. I left that tagged, unworn, good as new t-shirt on the counter of your store in Brent Cross. I don’t want a refund on it now. I want you to have it back. Treat it as a farewell gift from me.
PPS. Noticed that Iditex (Zaras Owners) share price is down .61% this morning…..
PPPS. I know I can be puerile but so it seems can big businesses.


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