AD has left the Building

Elaines Leaving Gift to Me
Elaines Leaving Gift to Me

I’d not seen American Dry (AD) for a few months.  We normally catch up for a few glasses of wine and a gossip about the industry once every couple of months but for the last few weeks we’d had been arranging dates, breaking them, rain checking and rearranging.  Then we finally got a solid date and she arrived at the door, bottle of wine and bag of shoes in hand and fantastic smile on face.  AD is one of my oldest fashion friends.  She houses a wry smile and a wicked sense of humour.  She’s a well known and seriously talented designer who’s helped a few of the top labels create some seriously great shoes.

Turns out the reason that AD’s been hard to pin down is that she’s decided to sell up and ship out. These fantastic miss-matched Oxfords were her parting gift for me.  Made from the most fantastically soft calf skin; one left foot untreated, the right foot polished. One with a flat lace, one with round.  She also knows wife’s sweet spot and bought her a couple of pairs of mules to die for.

Oh how much will be miss you AD…  Not for the gifts – although they are fantastic.  But for the chit chats, for our joint self assurance that everyone else was wrong and for our joint love of the Talented people in the business.

Did I mention she’s moving to Majorca?  Average Yearly Temperature of 20 something…….

Well you can guess where we’re spending half term this year!


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