London Denim – Made in Italy – Candiani Denim

Candiani Denim - Love It.
Candiani Denim – Love It.

With sampling underway in the UK, Italy and Japan it was good to have another set of swatches arrive from an Italian mill.  If my vision for the London Denim Italy jeans is going to be complete it means that the denim and making has to be completed in Italy.

This Candiani denim is the one I’ve selected, a Denimhead mate lamented that the selvage is grey not a brighter colour but its the overall look and handle I’m interested in.  I wanted a denim that had a bit of a individual and Italian flavour to it, that would stonewash to a Royal Indigo while coming up to the same quality standard as the Japanese I’ve been using for the last twelve years.  The factory I’m partnering with in Italy  is right next door to the famous Martelli laundry so it’s important if I’m going to explore all those washes they can provide at a later stage to get the fabric selection spot on now.

Another step forward for London Denim mens.



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