That Horrible Holiday Homework

The voices of feMATES were ringing through my head this morning:

“You’re so strict”
“Tiger Daddy”
“Holidays are for relaxing.”

Every holiday Boy completes a holiday diary. Its a tradition that started on a holiday in Crete when he was three and has continued on from there. He now has a nice line of scrapbooks on his shelves which he takes great pleasure in reading again and again despite all the moaning at the time.

In addition to his holiday diary this summer I’ve decided Boy needs to hone his story writing skills so am getting him to write a simple one page story each morning. Our mornings currently look like this.

1. I draw a picture to give boy some visual cues to a story
2. Boy moans
3. I ask Boy to make up a title for the story
4. Boy moans, moans some more then smiles. A title is written at the top of the page
5. “Boy please do your story plan Beginning, Middle and End”
6. Boy moans
7. Boy completes story plan, he’s excite
8. Boy rushes to write story. It’s finished in 5 mins.
9. Boy crashes into our room and reads his new story. Mummy and Daddy gush…
10. A smiling Boy goes to get dressed
11. Tiger Daddy grabs the story, notes down any misspelled words to ambush boy with over breakfast!

Boy Moans……



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