Riding Waves

Wife said to me earlier this year “I want to do three totally new things this year”. A smile lit up my eyes and my mind raced, wife saw this and frowned, “stop being lusty” she commanded. “Three new experience things like seeing the northern lights, going on a bobsled or something“. Within a day tickets to the Rewind Festival were booked which despite my dislike of large unfamiliar crowds I’d agreed to go too. Then there was talk of exotic adventures which gradually petered out. With our holiday to Cornwall on the horizon I secretly began researching what new experience South West of England would give us and while booking the various family activities we fill our holidays with I found it – The family would learn to surf!

We rocked up at our Newquay surf school at the start of the afternoon to be greeted by our instructors Alan (A cute little Blonde girl who was to be Boys instructor the lucky lad)and Mr Brazil, a young surf boy for whom surfing was a near religious experience. After giving away our age with a whole load of Point Break (Keanu could be my twin brother) references we got down to business and waist high in the waves of Newquay started to surf.

Surfing it turns out is easier than old think. Boy got the hang of it right away and he’s only seven! Amazed at his prowess – standing on his second wave Wife and myself launched ourselves into the session. We both caught, rode and tamed the waves of Newquay with great ease, we high fived and frolicked in the surf. Boy rode a wave right into the beach and so did we. Next time we might even do it. Kneeling…….or even standing up!!!

An hour and a half later, tired of lying on our surf boards we sat on the edge of the sea and watched our surfer dude boy catch wave after wave. Wife announced that she could have easily have been a surf chic like Alan if she’d been born next to the sea. Looking over to Alan I let Wife know in no uncertain terms that there was still time, after all we still have new thing number 3 to fulfil.

Check out the surf film Point Break here. (Alan would probably point you to Big Wednesday or Endless Summer but I’m a north London boy and a film with Keanu and Patrick wins my vote any day)

We loved our instructors from The Newquay Activity Centre here.we had two instructors for the three of us as we wanted boy to have someone focussed entirely on him and his safety.



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