The Bitter Taste of Germander

The Bitter Taste of Germander
The Bitter Taste of Germander

We’ve just had three childless nights at Cowley Manor, a great little spa hotel on the edge of Cheltenham.  Getting drunk on G & T’s, watching rubbish movies, meeting strange people and swimming:  50 lengths each day on top of 30 mins of Elliptical workout – crushing when completed with a hangover!

Boy stayed with friend and by all accounts had a great time going out with forest rangers, whittling wands and tree climbing.  The arrangements with friends parents  that we would reciprocate with friend joining us for the following five nights.  The handover of Boy and friend was scheduled to take place at Sudeley Castle.  We met in the car park and as we strolled in the Castle grounds I recounted some of our exploits to Boys friends mum.  The gardens of Sudeley have a great Healing Herbs section with helpful tags telling you what they do.  Friends Mum presented me with some Germander which I duly started chewing on.  “Oh Simon” she cried,  “You’re supposed to rub it on”  Sure enough I then found out why.  This has to be the most bitter tasting herb in the world.

Water was swigged, leaves were spat and I endured flashbacks to the G&T’s of the previous nights,  (Not that unpleasant)  For the next few days I’m off the booze trying to detox from this and the over indulgence of Cowley.  A task which entertaining and looking after two young sprogs will undoubtedly help.

Cowley Manor – A good place to drink Gin and Swim…..Here
Sudeley Castle – A good place to find Germander ……Here





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