Spagetti and Marshmellows

Spag and Marsh Mellows
Spag and Marsh Mellows

Boy had friend round and after a good few hours of running about, play mobile, swords and fighting dragons out came the familiar cry – “I’m Bored!  What can we do?”  I was prepared and strolled out of the kitchen with spagetti and marshmallows in hand.  If the kids could speak and no just stand their with their mouths open you know they would have been saying “You are totally Bonkers Dad“.

My instructions to them were simple.  Build the largest building you can using these, the largest gets a special very yummy prize  About 30 mins later I was called to judge the efforts and award prizes.  By this time they were just working on one structure which was lop sided triangle based affair.  “Pretty good boys” I said.   “Our prize” they demanded.

Oh yes…you get to eat the Marshmellow“.

Smiles flashed over their faces and what took 30 mins to build was demolished in 30 seconds.  The only evidence it ever existed a pile of broken spagetti strands.


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