A Little Room with a View

Slinkys Little Boys Room
Slinkys Little Boys Room with a View

At the start of the week my phone burped out a lovely little dinner invite from Slinky and Mr Batting for Lashes which we gratefully accepted.  (Dinner with Local friends where we can walk home on late balmey summer evenings are some of our most favurite times in this city).  Sitter for boy was  procured with and with a 1am home deadline we set off.  Needless to say Slinky put on a great spread, we chatted, smoked ciggies in the garden and drank buckets of wine.

A strange highlight of my evening caused me to linger in the little boys room.

Not the fantastic Baked Camembert and pear.
Not the great perfectly roasted beef.
Not the wonderful baked peach pudding,

In fact it was none of the cooking which was perfect and would have in no way caused me to linger in the little boys room.   It was the lovely bloom off purple somthing hovering right outside the window.  Boys will perhaps appreciate this centiment more than girls as we pee standing up.  Sometimes we can be so focussed on just doing the job in hand that we miss things which are right in front of us.  The other place this has happened to me is the Centre Point club who’s loos which afford a spectacular view of the city.  The first time I went in there I totally missed it and it was not till someone commented on the view from the loo that I had to go back see for myself.  Duh..

Top loos in London:

1. Slinky and Mr Batting for Lashes upstairs little boys room with the solitary purple bloom.
2.  Centre Point Loos
3.  The “Can’t find the Exit” loos in Sketch
4.  The moroccan loo at Richardson’s Furniture shop on the Archway Road

I haven’t seen the loo in the Shard but it looks very out from the 68th floor and view looks fantastic – Here




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