Weapons Around your Neck ™

Weapons Round Your Neck
Weapons Around Your Neck

Introducing Weapons Around your neck.  A new idea in wearable weapons for boys from Boy.

The Launch Collection includes:

1.  Dagger – £1.00
2.  Bow and Arrow – £1.50
3. Blue and White Great Sword – £1.00
4. Pistol with Bullet Firing and Muzzle Flash – £1.00

Each comes in a limited edition of 2.  They feature weapons designed and constructed in Boys North London artisan studio hand strung with standard white string and knotted using the unpaid slave labour of dad.

To place your order please send an eMail and we will send a PayPal Invoice.

Delivery is exta – the price of a 2nd Class Stamp, envelope and walk to post box -50p


Genuine Hama Beads
Real String
British Design and Craftsmanship
Made in the UK
Contains small parts – not for babies or small children

No bunny rabbits or other fluffy animals were harmed in the making of these weapons.
Always use WEAPONS ROUND YOUR NECK responsibly.



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