The Potion Carrying Necklace

Boys Potion Carrying Neclace
Boys Potion Carrying Necklace

Last night Boys feMATE Slinkette came for a sleepover.  Boy and Slinkette get on so well and the laughs did not stop.  They even woke up at 2am to sneak into Nannas bedroom (She was staying the night).  She promptly kicked them out. They later rose at 5am to sneak about and spy on the rest of the house.  Come 6:10 I had them on the sofa watching a The Legend Guardians Cartoon and I was back to the land of nod.

In amongst all the activities they completed, decorating spoons, building dens and spying its been potion making which was the highlight of the sleepover.:  Potion making in the garden lasted two hours and culminated with this potion necklace made from wet wipes, potion filled food bags and a little bit of imagination.  The price on Bond Street £1m, the price in the Saachi Gallery £2m the value to me none.

For me the only gross this necklace would achieve would be a grossing out!  It was binned as soon as the kiddies backs were turned!


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