Queues: Tower of London vs. Disney

Crown Jewels Queues
Crown Jewels Queues

When Wife gets it in her mind she wants to do something unless you have jewellery in your hand its hard to deflect her onto something else. The other day she woke and said “Tower of London” my heart sank.  It’s hot, it’sthe middle of the school holidays, the city’s heaving with tourists.  This is not a time to go to any of the main city attractions.  This is a time to hang out with friends, read papers and throw the occasional cup of ice cold water at Boy.  We go to the Tower of London and I know exactly what we will be doing:  Queueing!

In the UK there is no such thing as a fun queue:

We’re born and our birth is registered – we queue
We have school dinners – we queue
We go to the post office – we queue
We go to the bank – we queue
We go to legoland – we queue
We die and our death is registered – we queue

So we go to the Tower of London –  we queue many times:

The first queue 20 mins to get the tickets.
The second queue 30 mins to see the crown jewels.
The third queue 20 mins in the White Tower to see the armour.
The forth queue 1 min for a coffee.

Thats a total queueing time of 71 mins.  Of the 150 mins we spent at the Tower nearly half of them were spent in queues.  Compare that to Disney Florida.  We stayed in a Disney hotel so were in the parks an hour before the mad crowds arrived.  We spent 3 hours in each park, survived all the rides and never queued longer than 5 mins.   In total for a whole week at Disney we probably spent less than 30 mins in a queue.  (There was the 70 mins for the Harry Potter ride but thats Universal not Disney and there was the 30 mins to register Boy for the Jedi Training Academy but that was something exceptional, not a ride queue per-se and we were second in that queue waiting for the registration to open.  We are keen parents!)

Do the math and you find that in the tower of london we spend 47.33% of our time in queue vs. only 3.33 of our time at Disney.

My argument the next time Wife wakes up in August and says lets hit a major attraction in the height of the London tourist season:

You’ll be 44% happier if we just go to Disney.  I’ve got the figures to back it up!


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