Dinner Party – Forgot to invite the guests!

Dinner Party - No Guests
Dinner Party – No Guests

It’s been a hard days work on the creation of the bathroom floor.  I’ve been at it for three days solid now and lots of things have been left to the side while I focus on levelling  sealing and sticking.  Today I finished at 5pm, washed up and got to cooking up the evenings dinner party.  Moroccan Chicken and cous cous was diligently prepared along with some sweet thai style nibbles.  Two hours later I sat down with Kindle and a glass of wine to enjoy 15 mins of ME-TIME before guests arrived.

Then a firework went off in my head!  I’d forgotten to confirm Mate and Doris!  We’d just chatted about the evening a few days ago and I meant to call Mate to confirm.  I’d only just remembered.  Instantly I was on the phone:

Doris answered.

Did I invite you guys for dinner this evening?”  I meekly asked
No, Mate is just finished putting our food together” Doris replied
Bugger, I forgot to confirm.  Fancy coming round for dinner?”
Love to”  Doris
Fantastic,  see you in 15”  I breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Wife stood at door to kitchen, staring,  agog, shaking her head.  “Unbelievable” She said, turned and walked away.

Fantastic I thought,  all’s OK and still 15 mins of ME-TIME before the guests arrived!


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