You learn a new name every day – Peiran Gong

Peiran Gong - Great Shape
Peiran Gong – Great Shape

Got an eMail from a Fashion PR – Ella Dror and was intrigued more by the PR’s name which may or may take its root from Alan Garners  fantastic childrens book Elidor?  Found on their site a selection of young designers and took a mooch through them and fell quickly in like with Peiran Gong.  A recent RCA graduate she’s boasting a strong silhouette and interesting prints.  Esp like the spray seams and mini capes.  Capes I think should get more attention and I’m totally tempted to start a Cape brand!  Just remembering ice white one Tom Ford dressed Gwyneth Paltrow in for the 2012 Oscars stirs this mans sartorial ardor.

Looking forward to seeing Gongs next outing – she gives great cape!

Check out her work here
heck out Elidor the book here
r Ella Dror the Fashion PR here

Gong Gives Great Cape
Gong Gives Great Cape



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