Don’t Trust THEM With Mango

"Things Can only get Worse" says Mrs Tufty!
“Things Can only get Worse” says Mrs Tufty!

Going away for the weekend and we still have Mango the hamster we are looking after for neighbours.   Our first few hours with him were a tiny bit fraught to say the least! (See here) .   What to do?

Cracking Idea – Tufty Club over the road will look after him.  They are qualified:

1.  They used to have a pet Rat.
2.  They have two brilliant young boys
3.  Mummy Tufty is a whizz with animals

I sent a text – Will you look after Mango?  She sent one back Yes?  Don’t think I explained what Mango was but thats Tuftys lookout.  I got the important YES!

This morning I popped Mango over and sat down for a coffee.  Oldest Tufty boy came down for a look and Mango was placed in his walking ball.  Our backs were turned two mins and he was off then the ball lid spilled open and Mango made his dash for freedom.  He was eventually found behind a box of lego and recovered by Oldest but it did scare the hell out of me again.  I left feeling less confident in their abilities.

Then Mummy Tufty sent this picture……with the ominous tag line – THINGS CAN ONLY GET WORSE.

I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight…




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