London Denim – Buttons

London Denim - Jean 1 Buttons
London Denim – Jean 1 Buttons

I sat down last night to finally get to grips with the creative direction on the London Denim main jean buttons.  Previously I had embossed my London pigeon graphic into the button metal but that execution just feels too heritage.   After all while I appreciate that a jean is a heritage product and I honour that heritage with my choice of stitch, the way I cut my pattern, my five pocket western core look and the care and attention I give to denim choice I feel the best way of breathing life into the products personality is through the attention to those visual details which don’t detract from the jeans overall function as…….. a great pair of jeans.

The back pockets, stitch weight, colour, bar tacs have already been decided and this is the last choice.  Which ever route I decide to go each of the Waldes buttons i’ve imported from Japan for the purpose will be painted right here in my London Denim studio.


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