Mickey Mouse Chewing Stick!

Paint Mixing for Buttons
Paint Mixing for Buttons

Mixing up orange paint for the base coat of London Denim buttons and had to smile at the hidden Mickey I’d inadvertently created.  If you’re a Disney nut like everyone in our house you’ll know that all around Disneyland there are three circle designs known as hidden Mickeys.

Read more about them here.


Fyodor Golan – SS14 – A Bit Lost (It could have been Me)

Fyodor Golan - I see Through You
Fyodor Golan – I see Through You

Something got lost this morning at the Fyodor Golan show (It could have been me – My morning – Dropped boy at school, gave Dr X boys mates dad a lift down town, parked and sauntered to show).

The Fyodor Golan boys hit a lot of the right trend notes but trend notes were not the reason I wanted to see their show.   Their past four runways have been dramatic and unafraid.  This one had only echo’s of those.  I also failed to find a convincing look to push my imagination into overdrive.  There were no girls here I’d like to Snog, Marry, Kill let alone Bed.  There were some lovely ostrich feather colour explosion cocktail dresses, shiny disco pants and volume pant-suits but all felt individual not part of a whole thing.

Vogue.co.uk normally has the full photos up first here
Fyodor Golan website here

The 100th Sparkly Pants of the Season.
The 100th Sparkly Pants of the Season.

I Love Jennys Waist – Jenny Packham SS14

Love Volume with a Natural Waist Cinch.
Love Volume with a Natural Waist Cinch.

I love being a boy and I love working with denim but if God held a gun to my head and said I had to be any other British designer at the moment I would choose Jenny Packham – Strange choice for a denim boy I know – I can’t really explain it I’m just starting to really really rate her.   The collections are so, so, so tight.

If Badgley Mischka can present me with the girl I want to be with in the City that Never Sleeps then Jennys given me the girl I want to hang around Burgh Island with.   Not been there?  Well its a great little bolt hole on an island off the Devon coast.  No television, limited phone signal and dress for dinner every night.  I’d lounge with Jennys girl in the bar, a round of whist and idol chat with other guests.  She gets all the admiring glances and I bask in the delight that this woman is mine.

This season I’ve fallen for the ease at which Jenny’s played with volume while keeping shape.  I’m an absolute sucker for a girl with a fine figure dressing with volume while showing off a tight little waist….

Jenny’s here at Style.com
Burgh Island were I image us hanging out is here

Jenny's Carmen Sexy Gypsy Lover
Jenny’s Carmen Sexy Burgh Island Gypsy Lover

You learn a new name every day – Ji Cheng

Ji Chengs beautifully Contextual Shoots
Ji Chengs beautifully Contextual Shoots

Sorting out the show invites for London Fashion Week and was checking out this designer Ji Cheng.  She’s got a few of her own stores in China and this is her first Foreay into the European market.    Just loving the contextual way she shoots her collection.

Looking forward to her show on Monday.

More pics below and her site here

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 13.57.20 Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 13.58.41 Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 13.55.48

A Girl I want to Know Better – Badgley Mischka – SS14

Badgley Mischka - A Girl I want to Know Better
Badgley Mischka – A Girl I want to Know Better

I am Rockafella, Aster, Du Pont or Vanderbilt.  I’ve come to party in this wonderful suite overlooking the park.  I can’t remember who’s invited me but know that everyone who’s anyone is here.  I need ‘The John’ and pass an open bedroom door en-route.  The scent of a woman reaches out of the room and there are wonderful evening dresses laying on the bed.  On the dressing table is a photo of a beautiful woman.  Its been made so it looks like she’s striding over the city.  Like she owns it.  Her scent works its way under my skin, I feel heddy and sit down on her bed feeling the softness of her clothes beneath my hands.

Then she’s in the doorway (in look 15)  – I fall instantly in love with her.  I don’t even know her name and I want to be a part of her life, I want wake up to her every morning and my children to call her mother.

A lovely collection from Badgley Mischka – See it here

Tommy and Me on the Same Page

Great Minds Thinking Alike
Great Minds Thinking Alike

If I had just 1% of Tommy Hilfigers talent (OK Money:-)) I’d be living it large in a mansion house in the Hamptons.  As it is I’ll stick to the bolt hole we’ve fashioned in North London.  Flicking through his SS14 show and clocked a print which proves that great minds do think alike.  (That’s supposing that my mind is great…..wife would debate that point).  Check out Tommys T print with mine below.

I dreamt up the idea of Overbranding for Electric Tees an eco/graphic/girl/street brand I consulted on a while back.  It’s called overbranding as its philosophy is about giving the brand the maximum amount of space on the the product while not interfering with a core fashion led design.  The end result is  products that are individual while at the same time dripping with the brand identity.  This was followed through from the graphics through to product and website.  A key part of the philosophy was that the products would ALL feature the same back print so while the front may change the back would always be the same – neat eh…  Genius??  (Wife would debate that point too!).  

I love how these co-incidents happen in fashion.

Check out Tommys Bright Electric Beech Fest Here
Check out Electric Tees and a bit of my creative direction here  (I’m particularly proud of the Cyborg direction here)

Electric Tees - Asymmetric Stripe
Electric Tees – Asymmetric Stripe
Electric Tees - Asymmetric Stripe
Electric Tees – Asymmetric Stripe



Theyskens Wet Hair Warning – SS014

Dry your hair before you leave the house please!
Dry your hair before you leave the house please!

Wife is one of those girls who’s up up and away.  She moves at the speed of light and only settles at the very end of the day.  Every morning she used to be a leave the house with wet hair girl until my constant nagging got the better of her.  Now she takes time to dry her hair and her blurred outline looks fantastic when she whizzes out of the door in the morning.

Olivers models could have done with a bit of my nagging before they stepped out onto the runway with their hair all bedraggled and wet.  (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that it is just wet and not grease from being a few weeks unwashed).   The miss-match of styling to the clothes was unsettling in a show which presented a more relaxed side of the Theyskens girl, so relaxed in fact that colour has crept into her wardrobe all be it shrouded in a  black mesh slip like the boy was trying to hide it from us….

Check out the whole collection here
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