Auspicious Moments in Fashion – London Denim – The Huge Look

London Denim - The Huge Look
London Denim – The Huge Look

In 1947 Dior swept wartime austerity under the carpet and launched The New Look onto a fashion starved world.

Now in 2013 ‘He’s A Talented Boy‘ brings you a London Denim exclusive “The HUGE Look”.

Speaking from his North London Apartment this afternoon Creative Director Simon King said

Of course the real credit has to go to an elite creative team I put together in the playground this morning.  Their brief was to bring me somthing cool fresh and new.  They have not let me down.  As I said, It started in the school playground.  I was handing out vintage London Denim jackets to the team ‘Short and Curly‘ and ‘……PS‘  when one of them tried it on their Daughter and presto The HUGE Look was born.”

……PS SaysI was like standing there and he thrust this jacket out at Short and Curly,  she took and and tried it on.  Well it was just too large for her – how we laughed
Short and Curly then says:  “Yeah it was too big for me then I had this absolutely cosmic idea – what if I put it on my little baby.  Well you can see the result – how we laughed
Simon says:  “I saw her putting the jacket on the kid and instantly knew it was going to he huge for her – I almost wet myself laughing
……PS SaysAnd thats when I said ‘that’s a huge look!’ All of the birds stopped singing, the children in the playgound turned to look at Simon, the clouds parted and the sun shone down on him
Simon says:  “God it was like a blinding light came out of the sky.  THE HUGE LOOK! I shouted out loud
……PS and Short and Curly:  “Genius!

Its not known how this look will manifest itself on the highstreet, how all the Talented Designers out there will reinterpret this idea for their own collections or how the talented stylists will deal with an idea of this magnitude but you can be sure of a couple of things:

You heard it hear first and this is going to be HUGE!

Read up on Diors 1947 New Look here


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