Red Valentino – SS14 – Long Necked Flower Fairy

Little Dumpling Flower Fairy

Long Neck Flower Fairy

Someone once said “If you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all’…….MMmmmmm……….

Mario and Pier have spoilt me rotten for the past three seasons with their Red presentation.  Cohesive and joined up.  Presented creatively and with love.  This season someone dropped the dishes and in glueing them back together created a miss-matched dinner service.  That’s not to say that individual pieces aren’t lovely – they are, it’s just that as a whole presentation it’s not as cohesive as the last three.  Different stylist perhaps?  Wrong model choice? Something in the shoot team not working……….

It leaves me hanging………


One Comment on “Red Valentino – SS14 – Long Necked Flower Fairy”

  1. I thought some of the stuff was cute, but you’re right about this one. I’m scared Miley Cyrus will try to twerk in it.

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