Rag and Bone – SS14 – Or is it……

Rag and Bone - SS14 - Cricket
Rag and Bone – SS14 – Cricket

Having just got back from a morning at the batting cage with Boy it was nice to flick on the screen and see  Rag and Bone sending a few cricket jumpers down the runway in NY.  But even though I’m a sucker for a cricket jumper I can’t quite get my head around the presentation.  Who this girl is and what doe she want out of life?  Why doe she have no real design direction to her look?  I can’d help but contrast the Bony cricket girl with Karls Cricketer Knights last season and the gulf is absolutely massive.

I also look back at the self assured, confident girl the boys presented in fall 13 and am sure she can’t quite grasp the downturn in her wardrobe fortunes.  From a look for every day of the week and every occasion to 34 different Sunday Afternoon looks.  But she does have an appropriate jumper for handing out the lunchtime cucumber sandwiches in the pavilion.

Feels like I’ve seen this all before (Not talking about Karls Cricketer) Its not easy to discern a handwriting, silhouette or product difference between this seasons Rag and Bone presentation,  Zadig and Voltaire, J Brand and Zara…….

Karls Chanel Cricketer here
Rag and Bone show from the guys at Style.com here.
Rag and Bone, Zadig and Voltaire, The Kooples,  J Brand and Zara websites here or here or here or here or here


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