Victoria Beckham – SS14 – One step back

Victoria Beckham - Meets Antwerp.....
Victoria Beckham – Meets Antwerp…..

I just love a consistent story in a collection.  It’s the consistency that helps with my faling in love with the girl the designer shows me.  I’ve loved Victoria Beckham’s entrance into the world of fashion.  Its been completed with a steady hand and a huge conviction.   From the initial showcases in NY to her first runway she’s always traveling in a forward direction despite a huge hostile section of the fashion community willing her to fail.   But for every 10 steps forward (The number of seasons I’ve liked her collections) there is always an inevitable back-step and for me this collection is one.   (The seeds I think were sewn last season)

Half of the collection feels like the shrugging off of the empowered felinity she effortlessly captured in favour of a grope to a more fashion intellectual (Antwerpish) point of view.’s Nicole Phelps wrote a few seasons ago something like “fashion set is easily bored and likes to move on” so perhaps I’m not part of that set.  I’m not ready for that with this girl just yet.  This leads me to surmise that the negativity I feel towards this new direction is my mourning the loss of the girl Victoria persented me with for 10 seasons. has the complete show pics all the answers here
Check out Nicole Phelps biog on – Shes a talented girl – here

Other Thoughts……

I totally understand a desire widen the product range (when looked at in relation to the brand development perhaps means retail is not far round the corner).  After all for the last two seasons the dresses which she caught our attention with now make up less than a 1/2 of each collection however……..

The collection 

For my own curiosity I did a very quick bit of fag packet analysis on previous collections which you may or may not find interesting – Don’t expect this to be 100% accurate:

Victoria Beckham’s – Show collection styles breakdown.

Season Dress Coat / Jacket Bottom Top
S/2009 15
A/2009 20 6
S/2010 20
A/2010 24 2 2
S/2011 26 3 3
A/2011 20 3 6 6
S/2012 20 10 2 1
A/2012 17 3 4 4
S/2013 13 2 10 12
A/2013 10 2 17 16
S/2014 8 8 21 19

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