Tommy and Me on the Same Page

Great Minds Thinking Alike
Great Minds Thinking Alike

If I had just 1% of Tommy Hilfigers talent (OK Money:-)) I’d be living it large in a mansion house in the Hamptons.  As it is I’ll stick to the bolt hole we’ve fashioned in North London.  Flicking through his SS14 show and clocked a print which proves that great minds do think alike.  (That’s supposing that my mind is great…..wife would debate that point).  Check out Tommys T print with mine below.

I dreamt up the idea of Overbranding for Electric Tees an eco/graphic/girl/street brand I consulted on a while back.  It’s called overbranding as its philosophy is about giving the brand the maximum amount of space on the the product while not interfering with a core fashion led design.  The end result is  products that are individual while at the same time dripping with the brand identity.  This was followed through from the graphics through to product and website.  A key part of the philosophy was that the products would ALL feature the same back print so while the front may change the back would always be the same – neat eh…  Genius??  (Wife would debate that point too!).  

I love how these co-incidents happen in fashion.

Check out Tommys Bright Electric Beech Fest Here
Check out Electric Tees and a bit of my creative direction here  (I’m particularly proud of the Cyborg direction here)

Electric Tees - Asymmetric Stripe
Electric Tees – Asymmetric Stripe
Electric Tees - Asymmetric Stripe
Electric Tees – Asymmetric Stripe



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