Weapons Around your Neck ™

Weapons Round Your Neck
Weapons Around Your Neck

Introducing Weapons Around your neck.  A new idea in wearable weapons for boys from Boy.

The Launch Collection includes:

1.  Dagger – £1.00
2.  Bow and Arrow – £1.50
3. Blue and White Great Sword – £1.00
4. Pistol with Bullet Firing and Muzzle Flash – £1.00

Each comes in a limited edition of 2.  They feature weapons designed and constructed in Boys North London artisan studio hand strung with standard white string and knotted using the unpaid slave labour of dad.

To place your order please send an eMail and we will send a PayPal Invoice.

Delivery is exta – the price of a 2nd Class Stamp, envelope and walk to post box -50p


Genuine Hama Beads
Real String
British Design and Craftsmanship
Made in the UK
Contains small parts – not for babies or small children

No bunny rabbits or other fluffy animals were harmed in the making of these weapons.
Always use WEAPONS ROUND YOUR NECK responsibly.



Spagetti and Marshmellows

Spag and Marsh Mellows
Spag and Marsh Mellows

Boy had friend round and after a good few hours of running about, play mobile, swords and fighting dragons out came the familiar cry – “I’m Bored!  What can we do?”  I was prepared and strolled out of the kitchen with spagetti and marshmallows in hand.  If the kids could speak and no just stand their with their mouths open you know they would have been saying “You are totally Bonkers Dad“.

My instructions to them were simple.  Build the largest building you can using these, the largest gets a special very yummy prize  About 30 mins later I was called to judge the efforts and award prizes.  By this time they were just working on one structure which was lop sided triangle based affair.  “Pretty good boys” I said.   “Our prize” they demanded.

Oh yes…you get to eat the Marshmellow“.

Smiles flashed over their faces and what took 30 mins to build was demolished in 30 seconds.  The only evidence it ever existed a pile of broken spagetti strands.

Dear Ed and Tom

Dear Ed and Tom
Dear Ed and Tom

Boys postcards home from holiday have been varied in the information provided.  Cards to Nanna and Granny full of detail and care.  Then came the card to cousins.  It was the special card.  The one he took the most time picking but this was balanced by the least time writing.

I quote “I am enjoying my holiday in cornwall in mines and stuff see you soon love from Boy“.

And stuff?” I asked,  “Like surfing, swimming, rock pooling, motor boating, canoeing, making gigantic sandcastles, watching movies till late

“Yes Stuff” he replied getting on with something on the iPad…







The Bitter Taste of Germander

The Bitter Taste of Germander
The Bitter Taste of Germander

We’ve just had three childless nights at Cowley Manor, a great little spa hotel on the edge of Cheltenham.  Getting drunk on G & T’s, watching rubbish movies, meeting strange people and swimming:  50 lengths each day on top of 30 mins of Elliptical workout – crushing when completed with a hangover!

Boy stayed with friend and by all accounts had a great time going out with forest rangers, whittling wands and tree climbing.  The arrangements with friends parents  that we would reciprocate with friend joining us for the following five nights.  The handover of Boy and friend was scheduled to take place at Sudeley Castle.  We met in the car park and as we strolled in the Castle grounds I recounted some of our exploits to Boys friends mum.  The gardens of Sudeley have a great Healing Herbs section with helpful tags telling you what they do.  Friends Mum presented me with some Germander which I duly started chewing on.  “Oh Simon” she cried,  “You’re supposed to rub it on”  Sure enough I then found out why.  This has to be the most bitter tasting herb in the world.

Water was swigged, leaves were spat and I endured flashbacks to the G&T’s of the previous nights,  (Not that unpleasant)  For the next few days I’m off the booze trying to detox from this and the over indulgence of Cowley.  A task which entertaining and looking after two young sprogs will undoubtedly help.

Cowley Manor – A good place to drink Gin and Swim…..Here
Sudeley Castle – A good place to find Germander ……Here




That Horrible Holiday Homework

The voices of feMATES were ringing through my head this morning:

“You’re so strict”
“Tiger Daddy”
“Holidays are for relaxing.”

Every holiday Boy completes a holiday diary. Its a tradition that started on a holiday in Crete when he was three and has continued on from there. He now has a nice line of scrapbooks on his shelves which he takes great pleasure in reading again and again despite all the moaning at the time.

In addition to his holiday diary this summer I’ve decided Boy needs to hone his story writing skills so am getting him to write a simple one page story each morning. Our mornings currently look like this.

1. I draw a picture to give boy some visual cues to a story
2. Boy moans
3. I ask Boy to make up a title for the story
4. Boy moans, moans some more then smiles. A title is written at the top of the page
5. “Boy please do your story plan Beginning, Middle and End”
6. Boy moans
7. Boy completes story plan, he’s excite
8. Boy rushes to write story. It’s finished in 5 mins.
9. Boy crashes into our room and reads his new story. Mummy and Daddy gush…
10. A smiling Boy goes to get dressed
11. Tiger Daddy grabs the story, notes down any misspelled words to ambush boy with over breakfast!

Boy Moans……


Boy Branson – Questions of Paternity

Boy Branson - Questions of Paternity
Boy Branson – Questions of Paternity

Boy knows how to grab attention.  Working and ignoring the sounds of sawing coming from the other room are one thing but when Boy comes through the studio door looking like the love child of Wife and Mr Branson then he has my full attention.  He proceeded to deliver a passable impression of an American.  (Why American – I didn’t ask something I think he’s picked up from best bud).

I rewarded Boy with a 10% increase in my attention.  The best investment this entrepreneur has made all week!

Check out the real Branson here

Crocodiles Kill North London Kids

Crocodiles Kill North London Kids
Crocodiles Kill North London Kids

I’d bored came the cry.  I looked outside and there sat four young healthy kids.  WE”RE BORED they shouted in unison.  CAN WE PLAY ON THE XBOX they chorused.  Young people these days have no imagination.  When I was their age I’d have not shouted about being bored, Id have kept it very quiet, snuck into the house through the upstairs window, down into the TV room and a couple of hours Mum would have found me and kicked me outside.

Crocodiles on the grass I shouted at them manically.  They look at me blankly then the sparkles started going off in their eyes as the understanding dawned a game was afoot.  You’ve got to get across the grass without touching it.  That kept them busy for over 20 minutes and led to several spin off games…

Sometimes you’ve just got to give them a title.  They’ll then write the story……

National Geographic have a great picture of the American Crocodile here
And the Nile Crocodile here

But they are nothing on the North London Crocodile……