Jason Wu’s Saggy Tits and Killer Sweat – SS14

Jason Wu's Saggy Tits
Jason Wu’s Saggy Tits

Remembered how much I liked his  last presentation (here) and this season was OK except for the saggy tits.  Can’t look at this pockets on the mesh and thing they represent anything more than square saggy tits. – Sorry…..  I can’t help where my mind sends me….

Then he gives me a great sweatshirt – Some designers eh… they take then they give…..

Check out Jasons saggy tits in his OK SS14 collection here  and check out his killer sweat below:  I want this for Wife…

Jason's Great Sweat
Jason’s killer Sweat



Occasionally you come across a photo that stops you in your tracks, picks you up by the scruff of the neck and throws you back 26 years all the way to 1987.  I found this photo today in a dirty old diary at the bottom of an old school bag.  The following years included being held down by a hairdresser mate and his assistant, friends shaving it in my sleep, wife’s consistent eyebrow plucking and the eponymous Jenny Jordan getting her hands on it.

I don’t miss it now but I know that under the skin I am still Monobrow!


This Chicken is NOT FOR SALE

Chicken - NOT FOR SALE
Chicken – NOT FOR SALE

Driving through Burford and stopped at the Antique centre on the side of the road to stretch legs and have a nose.  Fell in love with a great ceramic chicken egg basket.  Wallet out I asked the owner for the price.

“She’s not for sale” he said. 
“Oh”  I said.  Thinking that’s strange,  this is a shop and in shops you display things you want to sell….
“Why?”  I asked
“We just thought it looked nice sitting on that sideboard” he said

Resentment building in my tummy.  – I’m a consumer –  This is a shop –  I live in a capitalist society – I am a capitalist – I WANT TO CONSUME – I WANT THE FRIGGING CHICKEN!

“Is there no price you’d sell the Chicken for?”  I forced through A clenched smile.
“The chickens NOT FOR SALE” he stated bluntly.

Visit the Antiques Centre Here – Don’t expect anything to be for sale though.

Those Summer Knights

Thse Summer Knights
Thse Summer Knights

It’s the end of summer and a few weeks ago the eMail was buzzing with Danny and Sandy’s summer party.  Yesterday we made our way to the last event of the season.  A farewell to a summer of hang out days and crazy clubs .  Danny and Sandy were our fairy hosts with massive welcoming smiles flitting too and frow sprinkling their magic fairy dust over us.   Just when you thought the cocktails couldn’t get any better, the burgers any juicier, the company and music better mixed the band struck up a long low note.   JAZZ RIOT TOOK THE STAGE:  A collection of seven brass instruments lead by a cocky checked shirted frontman cooked us up to a frenzy on the dance-floor beneath the stars.  Mexican waves lapped over the lawn and we all joined Danny and Sandy the party wave.    A fantastic end to the summer and what was my take-away from the event – Danny and Sandy throw AMAZING parties and JAZZ RIOT ROCK!

For the last couple of years I’ve loved the reinterpretation of music into different genres.  It all started for me when I heard Nouvelle Vague –  Imagine Too Drunk to Fuck in a bossanova style and you’re halfway there.  I’ve followed this with the Pick’in On Series which takes Europes Final Countdown into Bluegrass……  There are loads more…..

I have a theory that this inspiration for this started with Ally McBeal.  I remember their reinterpretations in the bar when songs would be sexily sung by Vonda Shepard and Ally’s best mate Renee (Phowaaa).

Check out all these guys,  Especially JAZZ RIOT – Turn the stereo up full blast and dance like you’re Danny and Sandy. – Its the end of Summer Knights and they deserve to be celebrated!

Check out:


And Ally McBeals Vonda Shepard – CAN YOU BELIEVE SHES 50 – And still so HOT! Here






Dinner Party – Forgot to invite the guests!

Dinner Party - No Guests
Dinner Party – No Guests

It’s been a hard days work on the creation of the bathroom floor.  I’ve been at it for three days solid now and lots of things have been left to the side while I focus on levelling  sealing and sticking.  Today I finished at 5pm, washed up and got to cooking up the evenings dinner party.  Moroccan Chicken and cous cous was diligently prepared along with some sweet thai style nibbles.  Two hours later I sat down with Kindle and a glass of wine to enjoy 15 mins of ME-TIME before guests arrived.

Then a firework went off in my head!  I’d forgotten to confirm Mate and Doris!  We’d just chatted about the evening a few days ago and I meant to call Mate to confirm.  I’d only just remembered.  Instantly I was on the phone:

Doris answered.

Did I invite you guys for dinner this evening?”  I meekly asked
No, Mate is just finished putting our food together” Doris replied
Bugger, I forgot to confirm.  Fancy coming round for dinner?”
Love to”  Doris
Fantastic,  see you in 15”  I breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Wife stood at door to kitchen, staring,  agog, shaking her head.  “Unbelievable” She said, turned and walked away.

Fantastic I thought,  all’s OK and still 15 mins of ME-TIME before the guests arrived!

Talented Boy New Social Media Icons

New Social Media Icons for He's A Talented Boy
New Social Media Icons for He’s A Talented Boy

At some time in the next couple of months I’m planning to redesign the blog to better separate out the fashion and family elements.  Playing with layouts yesterday and found myself spending 10 mins redesigning the social media icons using the typeface.  Its quick and dirty design which I’d normally hand to a graphics guy as creative direction but I’m trying not to be as quality obsessive over the blog as I am over my jeans design.  Any feedback appreciated.

The Potion Carrying Necklace

Boys Potion Carrying Neclace
Boys Potion Carrying Necklace

Last night Boys feMATE Slinkette came for a sleepover.  Boy and Slinkette get on so well and the laughs did not stop.  They even woke up at 2am to sneak into Nannas bedroom (She was staying the night).  She promptly kicked them out. They later rose at 5am to sneak about and spy on the rest of the house.  Come 6:10 I had them on the sofa watching a The Legend Guardians Cartoon and I was back to the land of nod.

In amongst all the activities they completed, decorating spoons, building dens and spying its been potion making which was the highlight of the sleepover.:  Potion making in the garden lasted two hours and culminated with this potion necklace made from wet wipes, potion filled food bags and a little bit of imagination.  The price on Bond Street £1m, the price in the Saachi Gallery £2m the value to me none.

For me the only gross this necklace would achieve would be a grossing out!  It was binned as soon as the kiddies backs were turned!