A Girl I want to Know Better – Badgley Mischka – SS14

Badgley Mischka - A Girl I want to Know Better
Badgley Mischka – A Girl I want to Know Better

I am Rockafella, Aster, Du Pont or Vanderbilt.  I’ve come to party in this wonderful suite overlooking the park.  I can’t remember who’s invited me but know that everyone who’s anyone is here.  I need ‘The John’ and pass an open bedroom door en-route.  The scent of a woman reaches out of the room and there are wonderful evening dresses laying on the bed.  On the dressing table is a photo of a beautiful woman.  Its been made so it looks like she’s striding over the city.  Like she owns it.  Her scent works its way under my skin, I feel heddy and sit down on her bed feeling the softness of her clothes beneath my hands.

Then she’s in the doorway (in look 15)  – I fall instantly in love with her.  I don’t even know her name and I want to be a part of her life, I want wake up to her every morning and my children to call her mother.

A lovely collection from Badgley Mischka – See it here


Auspicious Moments in Fashion – London Denim – The Huge Look

London Denim - The Huge Look
London Denim – The Huge Look

In 1947 Dior swept wartime austerity under the carpet and launched The New Look onto a fashion starved world.

Now in 2013 ‘He’s A Talented Boy‘ brings you a London Denim exclusive “The HUGE Look”.

Speaking from his North London Apartment this afternoon Creative Director Simon King said

Of course the real credit has to go to an elite creative team I put together in the playground this morning.  Their brief was to bring me somthing cool fresh and new.  They have not let me down.  As I said, It started in the school playground.  I was handing out vintage London Denim jackets to the team ‘Short and Curly‘ and ‘……PS‘  when one of them tried it on their Daughter and presto The HUGE Look was born.”

……PS SaysI was like standing there and he thrust this jacket out at Short and Curly,  she took and and tried it on.  Well it was just too large for her – how we laughed
Short and Curly then says:  “Yeah it was too big for me then I had this absolutely cosmic idea – what if I put it on my little baby.  Well you can see the result – how we laughed
Simon says:  “I saw her putting the jacket on the kid and instantly knew it was going to he huge for her – I almost wet myself laughing
……PS SaysAnd thats when I said ‘that’s a huge look!’ All of the birds stopped singing, the children in the playgound turned to look at Simon, the clouds parted and the sun shone down on him
Simon says:  “God it was like a blinding light came out of the sky.  THE HUGE LOOK! I shouted out loud
……PS and Short and Curly:  “Genius!

Its not known how this look will manifest itself on the highstreet, how all the Talented Designers out there will reinterpret this idea for their own collections or how the talented stylists will deal with an idea of this magnitude but you can be sure of a couple of things:

You heard it hear first and this is going to be HUGE!

Read up on Diors 1947 New Look here

A Little Room with a View

Slinkys Little Boys Room
Slinkys Little Boys Room with a View

At the start of the week my phone burped out a lovely little dinner invite from Slinky and Mr Batting for Lashes which we gratefully accepted.  (Dinner with Local friends where we can walk home on late balmey summer evenings are some of our most favurite times in this city).  Sitter for boy was  procured with and with a 1am home deadline we set off.  Needless to say Slinky put on a great spread, we chatted, smoked ciggies in the garden and drank buckets of wine.

A strange highlight of my evening caused me to linger in the little boys room.

Not the fantastic Baked Camembert and pear.
Not the great perfectly roasted beef.
Not the wonderful baked peach pudding,

In fact it was none of the cooking which was perfect and would have in no way caused me to linger in the little boys room.   It was the lovely bloom off purple somthing hovering right outside the window.  Boys will perhaps appreciate this centiment more than girls as we pee standing up.  Sometimes we can be so focussed on just doing the job in hand that we miss things which are right in front of us.  The other place this has happened to me is the Centre Point club who’s loos which afford a spectacular view of the city.  The first time I went in there I totally missed it and it was not till someone commented on the view from the loo that I had to go back see for myself.  Duh..

Top loos in London:

1. Slinky and Mr Batting for Lashes upstairs little boys room with the solitary purple bloom.
2.  Centre Point Loos
3.  The “Can’t find the Exit” loos in Sketch
4.  The moroccan loo at Richardson’s Furniture shop on the Archway Road

I haven’t seen the loo in the Shard but it looks very out from the 68th floor and view looks fantastic – Here



Yellow Car – Game of the Summer!

Yellow Car!
Yellow Car!

Wife screams “YELLOW CAR” and jabs at the air in the direction of her target.  In what was probably the most dangerous driving experience of my life the whole of our little family became embroiled in the most competitive game on the planet:  YELLOW CAR.  Causing family feuds, arguments and verbal abuse we played the game to a point where we all had to agree to stop for the benefit of our relationship.  It was only then we discovered the game has a twist in its tail:  Once you start – you can’t stop!

How to play the game

Drive or walk along a road.  If you see a yellow car you:

1.  Point your finger at it.
2.  Shout at the very top of your voice YELLOW CAR.  If you are first this gets you a point.
3.  Like the umpire in tennis you instantly recount the score for everyone playing.

Sub rules:

If you don’t shout it does not count.
The car has to be yellow not gold or beige.
There are no winners – there is only the person currently in the lead.

When do you stop playing yellow car?

You never stop.  Once you start this game you are playing it for life.  This we found was unfortunate in the following situations:

1.  At Mevagissy driving along the harbour wall with a sheer drop and Wife spots a yellow car the other side of the harbour.  She shouts yellow car so loud that I think I’m going to hit one of the tourists and nearly swerve off into the sea.
2.  Wife and Boy get so dissalusended with my success in the game they decide to team up and are instantly in the lead by 10 cars.  Naturally I get the hump and don’t speak to anyone for 10 minutes causing them to increase their lead by a 2 cars.
3.  When you pass a full supermarket car park and the driver takes their eyes off the road to scan the hundred or so parked cars.

After these situations I ordered the car to stop playing but immediately broke my own command when a little yellow mini appeared in my rear view mirror.  Once you start you just can’t stop…….

We arrived home and the following day Wife took Boy and his mate on a walk to the park.  Returning they stood in my studio doorway and recounted all of the yellow cars they had seen on their way too and from the park.  I protested that I was not even there at the time…. This however does not matter I thought as Wife announced the new scores. A plan was forming in my devious mind….  Wife has now returned to work after our holidays, boy and friend are in a summer camp and working at my computer and I have access to Londons road camera network:


Yellow Car on London Cam!
Yellow Car on London Cam!

MMM – Loved the show but Couture?

Maison Martin Margiela - Couture
Maison Martin Margiela – Couture?

The Lee Bowery mask, flower trimmed gowns, plastic coatings all marvellous but Couture?   Just love that the girls are all carrying invitations,  perhaps to somewhere they would rather be?  An old adage surfaces in my mind:  Reduce your model bill,  pick the new girls and put masks on them…..

The thing about masks is they hold your gaze,  you get captivated by them, your mind asks questions – How do you breath, can you see, what is the person like beneath, what are they looking at.  The freedom they give to the wearer is denied to the viewer so all of our attention is drawn to them.  Was that the idea here?  To draw attention away from the collection?  Like many couture pieces they won’t work on the screen,  you’ve got to get your hands on them to understand them.   That again is the issue with contemporary couture, its like contemporary art, half the time you need the show notes to understand what was in the designers / design teams mind.

Couture is developing,  its gaining a wider audience and perhaps this is an interesting direction to explore.  Explore the MMM collection on Style.com here then pop over to the Dior show here to reassure yourself that all is right with the world after all!

PS.  Love that 10 pairs of jeans got into this show. (Rather assuming that the plastic coating is on denim?)  Perhaps MMM’s owner Diesel gave them a bulk discount?

Lait D’Homme – Chocolate Milk

Driving up to Finchley
Driving up to Finchley

Driving up the A1000 yesterday and clocked this bus shelter ad.  It looked like Dior or Saint Laurent.  I clicked it and forgot about it till this mornings phone cleanup.  The ad campaign is for a chocolate milk drink.  The guys behind it thought to parody fashion advertising to sell their drink.  A smooth idea however the execution totally lacks bite as the product is lost amongst the unmistakable DNA of a fashion industry poster.

Perhaps these were executed a bit too smartly?

It must be my age as I don’t get the almost hidden strap line either:  The manly chocolate milk for men with added man.  A looser photographic interpretation of the creative direction may have worked better.  Will be interesting to see if their Media buy extends past Bus Shelters and onto the pages of GQ, ARENA etc…My opinion:  5/10.

Check out their other posters at CHI and Partners the agency who nearly pulled this off  here
Check out the project credits at Campaign

Campain Mags Overview of the Lait D'Homme campaign
Campain Mags Overview of the Lait D’Homme campaign

London Denim – Made in Italy – Italian Denim

First Hangers of Italian Selvage Denim
First Hangers of Italian Selvage Denim

I’ve been chasing up Italian Selvage Denim mills ever since my visit to Italy last month.  Denim hangers (Samples of cloth) have started popping through the door.  Currently there are only 3 mills in Italy that I can find who are producing the Selvage denim I need to make London Denim jeans and now I’m in touch with them all I’m nearly ready to start sampling London Denim – Made In Italy over there. I’m going to use Italian Selvage Denim rather than Japanese which seems to have a much softer handle in its Raw state than Japanese.  The Italians have a long history of making denim but sadly under competition from China and Turkey mills have been closing.  I worked with Legler Mills over there about 7 years ago with a couple of great qualities but sadly they went bust.

I’ve made subtle differences in the specification for the Italian models which is going to help differentiate between makers.  With Peter my partner in Japan briefing the Japanese factories this week its now only a short time till London Denim mens becomes a firm reality.