Homework Wars – Art Scam Exposed!

Nannys Great Homework
Super Nanny’s Great Homework

Boys mate has Super Nanny. Super Nanny’s been with him since he could gurgle. It’s a fact that she’s the best Nanny in the world with the only exception being Boys first Nanny; Nanny Perfect. Nanny Perfect packed her bags and flew away on the wind when Wife and I decided one of us should really take the lead in bringing up boy. The birds bring us news of her sometimes, she’s dong very well and looking after girls now….. Anyway to the point of the story:

Super Nanny is great, when Boy has playdates she collects him from school then has a relaxing afternoon making up games for them, colouring and playing football. When I pick up Boy I take a seat at the breakfast bar, drink lots of Mates mums coffee (The good stuff) scoff lots of Mates mums cookies (The expensive ones) and hear about their playdate. This time the Coffee was slow in coming. The reason; Super Nanny was being Super and completing Mates homework for him. I NEVER DO THAT FOR BOY I scoffed. (Please forget Boys Night Park!).

Jealous of the work Super Nanny had put into Mates homework I rushed home and made the Golden Violin Mace. An improvised violin made from a broom, tennis ball and a £20 set of violin strings I purchased on the way home. Proud of my creation I let Boy spray it gold to finish it off (And so he could say he made it!). We got more WOWS than anyone in the playground the following day!

Now you may take away from this story that none of our Kids in North London do any of their own homework and perhaps on the art front that could be true…………….from one point of view.

However in the greater context of Art: Damian Hurst has a whole studio of workers churning out work, (I suspect sometimes when he’s not there.) I bet also that Pollock once let Miss Krasner finish off a couple of his paintings. Who would know – Right??? So I see Super Nanny, Myself and all the other parents and nannies out there following this Artists Assistant route as being progressive. After all Boy as hes already proved with his Wold Longist Hair that his work is important. Why when he’s producing work of that calibre on his own would I let him sully his hands with making a simple musical instrument. After all would you ask a 12 year old Mozart to play chopsticks!


Wife would say: Simon you are vicariously reliving your schooling failures through Boy. Your art was rubbish at school which is why you’re looking for your son to get top marks.
I would say to Wife: Dam right…..I’ll get it right this time…..I’ll get three stars….That will show them all I should have had A’s rather than consistent D’s. I blame my mother, she’s rubbish at drawing…..


Marc’s Utterly Romantic Resort 14

Marc Jacobs - Sister
Marc Jacobs – Sister

There are only three sisters in Pride and Prejudice that count.  Lizzy, Jane and Lydia.  Kittys a left behind, an also ran whose perhaps worthy of a bit of thought but not just now.  (According one source though she did end up marrying one of Bingley’s friends).  Marc Jacobs Resort 14; his pictures overflow with romance and sorority   A sisterhood that I feel like an elder brother looking onto.   I can already see the girls wearing these fury breton monsters with relaxed or tight cropped jeans and my hugging them and not wanting to let go because when I see this collection on the street I will remember this presentation and project its romantic undercurrent directly into the personality of the girl fortunate enough to pull this look together.  Good fashion,  what a talented boy Mr Jacobs is..

The best of the resort 14 so far..

Pride's Sisters
Pride’s Sisters – Lydia strokes Kittys Hair.

Style.com has the full story here

Ruined Abbey Meze

Lunchtime Hide and Seek in the Ruined Abbey
Picnic and  Hide and Seek in the Ruined Abbey

We were motoring through the Norfolk countryside to a little farmers market we’d found the previous day to gather provisions to picnic.  Chunks of cheese, sun dried tom’s, interesting preserves and great slices of local ham.  A cooler stacked high with San Pellegrino Limonata made my day  (If you’ve tasted it you’ll understand).  I remembered a sign further up the road to an Abbeys ruins.  We spread our blanket in the middle of the ruins of Creake Abbey,  a 13c hospital turned Abbey by Henry 3.  We picnicked in what Wife told us was the oritinal dining hall and we listend quietly as she recounted the history of the place which she’d absorbed from a display on the way in the clever girl.  Boy being Boy after devouring our British Meze coorcsed us into a great game of hide and seek.  My best hiding place Lying behind a broken wall.  Boy was the seeker and it was Wife taking this picture that gave me away to him – Not so clever girl….

Creake Abbey  Official Site but the history page is down
Creake Abbey a bit of history

Sanpelligrino Limonata – All time fave