A Girl I want to Know Better – Badgley Mischka – SS14

Badgley Mischka - A Girl I want to Know Better
Badgley Mischka – A Girl I want to Know Better

I am Rockafella, Aster, Du Pont or Vanderbilt.  I’ve come to party in this wonderful suite overlooking the park.  I can’t remember who’s invited me but know that everyone who’s anyone is here.  I need ‘The John’ and pass an open bedroom door en-route.  The scent of a woman reaches out of the room and there are wonderful evening dresses laying on the bed.  On the dressing table is a photo of a beautiful woman.  Its been made so it looks like she’s striding over the city.  Like she owns it.  Her scent works its way under my skin, I feel heddy and sit down on her bed feeling the softness of her clothes beneath my hands.

Then she’s in the doorway (in look 15)  – I fall instantly in love with her.  I don’t even know her name and I want to be a part of her life, I want wake up to her every morning and my children to call her mother.

A lovely collection from Badgley Mischka – See it here


Jason Wu’s Saggy Tits and Killer Sweat – SS14

Jason Wu's Saggy Tits
Jason Wu’s Saggy Tits

Remembered how much I liked his  last presentation (here) and this season was OK except for the saggy tits.  Can’t look at this pockets on the mesh and thing they represent anything more than square saggy tits. – Sorry…..  I can’t help where my mind sends me….

Then he gives me a great sweatshirt – Some designers eh… they take then they give…..

Check out Jasons saggy tits in his OK SS14 collection here  and check out his killer sweat below:  I want this for Wife…

Jason's Great Sweat
Jason’s killer Sweat

Out on a Lim – SS14

If collections present visions - The vision here is mix and match!
If collections present visions – The vision here is mix and match!

Out on a Lim,  Phillip Lim 3.1 confused the hell out of my little brainbox.  (Wife will tell you thats an easy accomplishment)   This normally oh so  together designer served up a mish-mash of independent of each other OK little capsules.  But thats not what I want.  What I want is an insight.  Perhaps Lim is trying to say he understands everything thats going on at the moment.  That he really does get a bit of Gingham here, a bit of houndstooth there, a bit of neat textile mixing, a bit of clever deconstruction, a bit of sports and bit of ethnic, a bit of the future, a bit of the past a bit of neo a bit of college a bit of the dutch, a bit of flowers on black.  Its like someone threw a hand grenade in studios trend box.  Perhaps its the presentation   Me thinks someone on this page needs a Talented stylist.

Try one of the firms below:

London Stylist Agencies:

D + V

Style.com has the full collection here