This Chicken is NOT FOR SALE

Chicken - NOT FOR SALE
Chicken – NOT FOR SALE

Driving through Burford and stopped at the Antique centre on the side of the road to stretch legs and have a nose.  Fell in love with a great ceramic chicken egg basket.  Wallet out I asked the owner for the price.

“She’s not for sale” he said. 
“Oh”  I said.  Thinking that’s strange,  this is a shop and in shops you display things you want to sell….
“Why?”  I asked
“We just thought it looked nice sitting on that sideboard” he said

Resentment building in my tummy.  – I’m a consumer –  This is a shop –  I live in a capitalist society – I am a capitalist – I WANT TO CONSUME – I WANT THE FRIGGING CHICKEN!

“Is there no price you’d sell the Chicken for?”  I forced through A clenched smile.
“The chickens NOT FOR SALE” he stated bluntly.

Visit the Antiques Centre Here – Don’t expect anything to be for sale though.