Crocodiles Kill North London Kids

Crocodiles Kill North London Kids
Crocodiles Kill North London Kids

I’d bored came the cry.  I looked outside and there sat four young healthy kids.  WE”RE BORED they shouted in unison.  CAN WE PLAY ON THE XBOX they chorused.  Young people these days have no imagination.  When I was their age I’d have not shouted about being bored, Id have kept it very quiet, snuck into the house through the upstairs window, down into the TV room and a couple of hours Mum would have found me and kicked me outside.

Crocodiles on the grass I shouted at them manically.  They look at me blankly then the sparkles started going off in their eyes as the understanding dawned a game was afoot.  You’ve got to get across the grass without touching it.  That kept them busy for over 20 minutes and led to several spin off games…

Sometimes you’ve just got to give them a title.  They’ll then write the story……

National Geographic have a great picture of the American Crocodile here
And the Nile Crocodile here

But they are nothing on the North London Crocodile……



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